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  1. should have Jaguar only parking bays, they would be longer and wider than the norm and have valet parking as standard 🤣
  2. pezzzer

    XF-S 2011

  3. interesting, I did not know that Bill thank you.
  4. not bad I'm guessing?!!
  5. Hey up J, I often wondered what all them buttons down by the auto knob were . I have all the manuals as well, but they are in the glove box, which just plain refuses to open!! lol
  6. Hi Richard, no idea mate but I'm guessing with it being a late model it'll be dealer only or a very switched on indie garage that may be able to help. on another note I noticed you have an XF-RS, I've been looking at a couple of the older versions around 12 and 13 plates. what are your impressions of it?
  7. Do you know, I've never tried them modes, find its bloomin frightening in standard!! Cautious@57 lol
  8. I needed a new battery not long back, the car wouldn't start but being part of this group you do tend to pick a few things up so I knew disconnecting was a no no. Left the battery on the car, charged it till I could start the engine, whipped it up my local indie, had it changed, £165 thank you very much and no mither.
  9. petrol - timing chains diesel - belts, I think but I may be corrected.
  10. Don't know about yours Jon but I only have to drive about half a mile or so and the heaters start blowing warm air, doesn't seem to take long at all to get to temperature.
  11. Here you go Jon.
  12. will do Jon when I get home from work, its the same as the boot one but with different fixings. My motor has the black grille with the chrome surround so I went for the similar badge on the front, black on black so to speak.
  13. mines a 2011 and no temperature gauge, it did freak me out to start with as I'm knocking on a bit and have always found comfort in knowing what my car is doing but I'm slowly getting used to not knowing!!
  14. 😂 if your forum pic is your car, I think the badge will good matey!!