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  1. pezzzer


    Here's mine, had a couple of issues with it so far but nothing that spoiled the enjoyment of ownership. Passenger door not opening with the central locking, number plate bulb failure (new rear boot harness sorted it).
  2. pezzzer


    That's a real clean looking motor Jon, well done. Looks lovely mate.
  3. pezzzer

    Pick up our XF on Friday

    woohoo, exciting times. Welcome to the Jag club dude.😀
  4. pezzzer

    number plate bulb replacement

    an update on the number plate bulb issue, swapped them round at the weekend and still the same, so it must be the holder I thought. Washed the car on Sunday, now it thinks the boot is open all the time and wont let me lock it with the fob. Quick call this morning (Monday) to be local independent and he says its more likely to be the wiring harness in the boot lid as they are renowned for wire breakages in the loom. Its already booked in for some work on the headlights on the 24th so its another job on the current list, which now reads as: Reverse the HID Headlight conversion a previous owner fitted. (now illegal and an MOT failure). Passenger door doesn't always unlock with the fob. (irritates the wife immensely lol) Number plate lights, boot open issue - new wiring loom. Better go see the bank manager I think!😥
  5. pezzzer


    That’s beautiful Jon, roll on October eh?! Any history with it Jon?
  6. pezzzer

    number plate bulb replacement

    Hi Pete, I can remember you telling me that a few years ago. I can remember having a visit to Shelton Works when I was looking at apprenticeships, I also interviewed at The Mich as well. I'm in engineering to this day working for a small firm that supply JCB with parts. I'm not a mechanical engineer but quality based.
  7. pezzzer

    number plate bulb replacement

    Cheers Dave i'll look into it
  8. pezzzer

    number plate bulb replacement

    shh, I don't like admitting it but yes lol
  9. pezzzer

    number plate bulb replacement

    wow, that's a good saving Pete, it may be worth my trip down there, hold on just checking the old maps...... yep just a quick fly down the A51. Cheers Pete
  10. pezzzer


    Halfords seem to be the to go, cheers guys I will definitely look into that.
  11. pezzzer

    S Type, massive failure, any ideas welcomed

    Not sure if its at all relevant, but I had a S Type 3.0 S 2003, it too went into limp mode with all sorts of warning lights on, managed to drive to my local indie, and too my surprise diagnosed a rear half shaft (I was thinking it was gearbox and terminal because of the thumping as reverse was selected) but credit where credits due, he changed it and it was sweet as a nut after that. Very strange I thought at the time.
  12. pezzzer


    Hi John, have you any pics of it? My biggest problem of Dash Cams is all the wires hanging down, did Halfords hide them behind trim?
  13. pezzzer

    number plate bulb replacement

    That's good to know Pete, where in the midlands is the place?
  14. pezzzer

    number plate bulb replacement

    That's a scary story lol as far as I am aware its just a bog standard fitting bulb not LED (cos the light emitted is a warm glow not a cold bright one). I have checked the fitting again and notice a browning (burnt) tarnish on the plastic holder, which I'm assuming isn't good news! First thing first though, as Ian suggests go get another just to rule out I didn't buy a dud, failing that it may be auto electrician time. But it does seem like the holder may have something to do with it.