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Autofold wing mirrors using keyfob. COMPLETE SUCCESS . Kit avaliable now.


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If you have an S Type with power-fold wing mirrors already fitted to your car and would like them to open and close automatically with your key-fob then I now have a solution for you.
Double push the lock button on your key-fob and they fold close, press to unlock the vehicle and the mirrors unfold. No more swearing half way down the road or going back to the car at the car park as you forgot to fold them in.
All controlled by a small black box that snuggles in nicely just behind the wiring harness connector block behind the drivers door card.
The fitting procedure for the unit is very straightforward indeed and takes around half hour.
Firstly the drivers door card needs to be removed. Once removed you need to splice in just 5 wires that's all and they are all located just behind the door card and are all very easy to access.
Nestle the small brain in as described above. Door card back on and all finished.
You can still use the manual button if you want and can also fit a simple on/off switch if you feel that you would need to turn the system off for any reason so its a very versatile unit.
Brilliant little box and a great design.
Price is forty quid plus a fiver for postage.
Great little mod.
Just PM me if you are interested.

VIDEO HERE .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rmp2233dL4

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