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Broken wheel nut key socket


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Hi all. Having recently replaced a broken front spring on my X Type, I had to spend hours getting those ridiculous wheel nuts off. Four had snapped despite being recently replaced and yes covered in copper grease. Furthermore the socket key to remove the locking wheel nut split. I feel having read similar gripes that Jaguar should have replaced these for free. I tried a 17mm, hot and cold etc etc but had to resort to hours of careful drilling and chiselling and this was before tackling the spring. Don't start me on the bottom strut pinch bolt. Rant over but my questions are is there a way to repair or replace the socket key (Jaguar no longer supply them) and is there a reliable replacement for the horrendous wheel nuts. Yours in anticipation and hoping I dont get a puncture.

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Hi there peter I had a lot of trouble with the nuts like you as the locking socket is very weak so I scraped it and replaced them with new normal nuts (not too expensive from jag) you have to use a good fitting hex type socket as they seize up if the wheels have not been off for a long time as you say copper grease is a must. best of luck

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