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Hi Everyone, Only an idiot would fill their diesel S Type with petrol, so that was me, first time EVER and hopefully the last. My S Type diesel was low on fuel, around 5 litres left in the tank, so popped into the local Shell garage and decided to fill to the brim and use Shell Nitro this time.  Checked to make sure I had the right pump nozzle and proceeded to fill it to the brim, and I do mean the TOP.  Paid for the fuel (75 litres) and went off home, I then noticed after a short period that the car seemed to be coughing and a little gutless.  When I got home I called the garage to say there must be a problem with their fuel.  Contacted the AA and they sent a contractor out to check, he checked my fuel receipt and agreed with me that I had not miss fuelled, then we pulled off a fuel connection from the filter and sniffed it.......Bugger, it was petrol!!  The AA quoted me a minimum of £250 to drain it plus fuel but could not do it for two days.


All sorts of people post horror stories on the tinternet about miss fuelling, and they say if you have driven the car then you are in trouble.  Decided that I was not going to pay all that money and wait two full days.  I had driven a full 4 miles from the garage to my home with it coughing, so in for a penny!!  I got some petrol/fuel hose 6mm, removed the centre connection on the fuel filter at the rear of the engine bay on the right looking at it, this only entails pressing in the grey buttons on the side of the pipe connection and pulling it off, push the hose onto the stub coming out of the filter then putting the end into some empty 25 litre drums.  Next stage is to turn on the ignition and the fuel pump runs for 25 seconds, once it times out, switch off and on again, keep doing this until the tank is empty and no more fuel comes out (it wont actually be totally empty) turn off the ignition and onto the next stage.


I then mixed a little two stroke Oil with around 25 litres of fresh DIESEL and put this into the container with the fresh diesel in it, now with the pipe still on the centre connection of the fuel filter I again ran the ignition time out sequence twice more to purge the lines of the petrol into a separate container, then once this was done removed the drain fuel line from the centre point on the filter and connected the feed to the engine back up again.  It took a little turning over before she coughed into life again but then left it to tick over for 10 mins, then off to the same garage again to fill the tank with diesel, yes this time I DID fill it with Shell Nitro DIESEL.  Took her for a bit of a drive being gentle first to get the fresh fuel through to the engine then with a cross finger approach, hit the load pedal..........she flies again.  So if you do make this mistake, fear not the end is not nigh.  In case you think I might have got away with it as my car is a low mileage car, she is not, mileage is around 140,000 miles to date but really well serviced, just driven by an idiot who failed to notice the green anti splashback on the pump nozzle even when I was staring at it whilst fuelling.  Kindest regards, Simon 

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    • Simply Jaguar show at Beaulieu - Sunday 23rd June 2024
      Jaguar Owners Club have a stand at this year's Simply Jaguar event at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, Hampshire on Sunday 23rd June 2024

      Tickets are available online here: https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-jaguar/
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    • Post in Event Ludlow Racecourse Shropshire 16th June 2024
      Not long now to Ludlow. It sold out before the event last year it is very popular.

      To book a ticket in advance go to EVENTBRITE or Message me. 


      Jaguar is commemorating the end of its internal combustion sports car lineage in 2024 with an exclusive limited-edition F-TYPE inspired by two iconic 1960s racing E-types

      Just 150 examples of the F-TYPE ZP Edition will be the last internal combustion-engined sports cars designed by Jaguar. These 575PS supercharged petrol V8 F-TYPEs feature specially curated interior and exterior details by the personalisation experts at SV Bespoke.
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      Please find attached your club label – please can this be distributed amongst your club members prior to the event. Please ensure that they print this label and display it in their windscreen upon entry to the event, this ensures that all members wishing to park within your club area are directed to the correct parking location by our stewards. Please do not modify or add logos to the club label.

      We do ask that all individuals have purchased their tickets on an individual basis in advance via our website, to speed up the entry process on the day. This can be done on our website here until 2pm on the day when admission closes: https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-jaguar.

      Note that we do have two entrances available, one is exhibitors gate at the bottom of the hill as you come in to Beaulieu, with the other being the normal Simply event entrance within the attraction. Either entrance is fine to use and both are open from 9.00am, with the exhibitors entrance closing around 11am.

      Jaguar Owners Club (1).pdf
    • Simply Jaguar - Beaulieu Motor Museum - 25th June 2023
      Jaguar Owners Club have a stand at this years Simply Jaguar event at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, Hampshire on Sunday 26th June 2023

      Tickets are available online here: https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-jaguar/

      Participant prices are only valid if arriving in a Jaguar and taking part in the rally. They are not valid for those arriving on foot.

      Participants can make the most of our EARLY BIRD discount by booking before 28th February 2023.

      Children under 5 require a ticket, this can be booked online free of charge.

      Participant and visitor tickets will include entrance to the rest of the Beaulieu attraction, including the National Motor Museum, Palace House, Little Beaulieu, World of Top Gear, Beaulieu Abbey and its grounds and gardens.

      The best time for viewing the Simply rally is between 10am and 2pm.





      Participants – Early Bird*



      Participants – Standard & On The Day




      Normal admission applies.

      Normal admission applies

      *Early bird tickets are available until 28th February 2023

      Entry with your Jaguar is from 9am – 2pm. Please make sure you have your ticket printed or available on your phone, ready to be scanned on arrival.

      Please do not arrive early for our Simply rallies as no facilities will be open prior to 9:30am.

      Cars cannot leave and re-enter the grounds for the Simply rallies.



      We do ask for a final update on numbers 2 weeks prior to the event following which we will send out club labels to you via email for you to then distribute out to club members. Club members then need to print and display these in their windscreen on arrival. This helps us then park you all in your club area together.

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