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Bought my 10 year old, high mileage but lovely S type sport a couple of months ago. Since getting it I was aware that despite the car holding a nice straight line, the steering wheel was not straight but sitting to the right when going straight ahead. Today I had the tracking checked and it was apparently only slightly out. Now the steering is even better than it was however the steering wheel is still down to the right.


I watched the job being done and the steering wheel was secured dead centre when the tracking was done so I don't beleive that todays work is at fault.


My question is: Will a full 4 wheel alignment cure the issue? And, if not, what else can I try?


Your help will be very much appricated

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For anyone interested, had a computerised 4 wheel alignment carried out and steering is now absolutely 100% better. Steering wheel tottaly straight and car holding a very good line. £54 well spent. 

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