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anyone looking for a project? Our black 1999 reg convertible XK8 has come back with a few too many things for us to fix. The engine and body work are in excellent condition - 40k odd miles. Would hate to see it go as scrap

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The original XK8 is way too good looking to be scrapped, unless the dreaded tin-worm really has a good hold. Mechanically or electrically they can be expensive to fix, but with the easy availability of Jaguar computer software, and the help of some of the forums, most problems can be overcome one step at a time, it just takes patience (and some ££s). Car manufacture uses something like 75% of the carbon-footprint of the lifetime of the car, so keeping one on the road is the most ecologically sound approach. (or so I seem to have convinced myself). There's always room on my driveway for another rescue attempt!

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