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Electrical blackout and stuck fast leaper

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Hi All

After much searching, haggling and dithering I finally took delivery of a 2004 XJ6 just before Xmas. It's as good as I'd hoped for and returns surprisingly good MPG for a 3 litre petrol,  The only thing I'm still not sure about is the leaper on the bonnet which is very reluctant to leave it's perch because of some ridiculously strong adhesive. I thought I might replace it with a 3 Litre S type badge to hide the hole but even with the big plastic nut removed it refuses to budge. I've heard that dental floss and gentle heat might be the way to go. I hate to admit it but it's starting to grow on me and the fear of tearing off a strip of paint or lacquer might persuade me to let it live there for a bit longer.

A bit more worrying was a total electrical blackout the other day when I tried to engage the cruise control. Engine stopped, lights, wipers radio the lot. Only the hazards worked. When I managed to stop and switch it off and back on again everything came back. I'm waiting for a good time to try it again (ie when the wife's not there) and I'll report back. Meanwhile any theories would be much appreciated.



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