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Starting problem

Road wolf

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Hi, I'm new here and looking for a few pointers. I brought a 06 x-type estate from a garage and was very pleased with the car......until the dual mass clutch went some 150 mile later, the car was taken back and the clutch replaced under warranty but when I got the car back it had a very annoying starting problem. Sometimes it would fire up with no problem and another time it would start but seem as though it was only running on two cylinders and no throttle response. It would take several attempts to get it to fire up correctly. The car has gone back to the garage and they say that they are replacing the injectors, but I fear that they are scratching their heads a bit trying to find out what the problem is?

Can anybody help to throw some light on the possible solution.

The car is a diesel turbo 2.0 ltr and has done 116k


Henry. (Road wolf)

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Running fine before the clutch was replaced, and no it is not a Jaguar garage. The engine management light goes off when it starts ok but remains on when the engine is running on only what seems to be two cylinders, also when problem is apparent there is no throttle response ( fly by wire throttle)

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