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indicator problem


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Hi all

I picked up my new (well new to me) 2001 Y Reg Jaguar s-type 3.0 automatic Se and the offside indicators are not working and there is no turning signal on the dash when the selector arm is moved and no signals outside but when you put the nearside indicators on they work all as they should when the.hazard lights are put onall the outside indicators all work but there's still no turning signal on the dash does anybody knowbwhats going.on and how-to fix it many thanks in advance

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Hi Trevor thanks for the welcome I hope someone can help i know it's not a brand spanking new car but I got it for the comfort for my disabled daughter maybe because I'm so tired I just feel like

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sorry to learn about your daughter but she wont ride in a better car

no matter what the age you be proud of it and take care of your girl

my grand daughter is the same so I know how hard it is for you

best wishes


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Hi Trevor my daughter is 7 turning 8 next month but she seems like she is going on 27 lol she has junior idiopathic arthritis in every joint in her body there's only one joint that is clear she has lost her high rate disability so the car we have has to go back and I know how much pain she is in and I really want a car she will be comfortable in that will last a long time I just hope the indicators can be sorted out with out costing a fortune

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