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XJ 350 2004 REG


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I have a condensation prob with the full beam lens of the nearside (passenger) side headlight unit, idealy I would like to remove the unit and take it indoors to dry and clean the fogging from inside the lens, apart from unplugging the electrics, could someone advise how to remove the unit, I would like to know how many bolts are involved, it looks like there is 1 bolt and the rest is manouvering the unit off a series of clips, also it looks like the lens can be removed, is this possible, Thanks.

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Bit late now but remove the back of the light unit.  Dry with the application of a hair dryer, keep the lens warm too.  When it is dry place a few sachets of Silica Gel inside the back of the light units and replace the covers making sure they seal properly (It probably misted up because the back wasn't on properly.).  Silica Gel sachets are available on eBay for about £3.

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