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**Daimler sovereign-DOOR PANEL ???*** PLEASE READ ! :(

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I have a 1988 daimler sovereign 3.6 and I was trying to remove the door panel today. I got the top part removed no problem but Im stuck on removing the bottom part. There is one screw that goes into the light/reflector on the arm rest and there is another type of screw towards the front of the arm rest. Is this a screw that is screwed out or does it just ''pop out''. It looks like plastic flat head screw but its not turning and I don't want to break it. 
It is the later type panel. I have been told that if the battery is in the boot or under the bonnet there is a difference in the door panels. Mine has the battery UNDER THE BONNET. 
It is NOT the one in this ink.
Also, how is the electric windows and speaker removed or Does it become obvious once the arm rest is removed ? Or if anyone knows, what do I do after the arm rest removed.  I would really appreciate help on this as I don't want to risk breaking anything when I don't really know what Im doing . Thanks very much. Please reply ASAP. Thanks again. This forum has helped me in the past so I'm hopeful it can come good again ! :)
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