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xj8 2004 front passenger door


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hi all, just got a Jag again after a  few years' absence.

I *think* passenger was opening door to get out after I stopped, when I said hang on and moved forward a little which might have tried to re-lock. Don't know for sure.

Anyway, front passenger door cannot now be opened from outside or inside, and passenger had to exit via driver's door. We have tried lots of things. The shorter of the two door handles, the lock handle, is now further in than the main latch, which is not a situation that occurs with the other three doors. Pulling the lock handle on the passenger door causes a series of click-clack sounds as though the lock was trying to set then unset in quick succession. Fortunately the vehicle can be locked and unlocked normally, but only the driver's door and the read doors unlock.

My feeling is that this is mechanical. I have looked around for a way to get the inner door lining or part of it detached to check the mechanism. Some say this needs the door to be open - hope that's not true!! other web sites the door looks different from mine. Mine *looks* to have a slightly oval panel behind the arm rest? This is a UK 2004 "04" XJ8 model.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. I could get a chauffeurs cap and my wife sit in the back I guess ... but it would be good to fix it (cheaply!) if at all possible.

Thanks in advance.


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