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Car won't start after I've cleaned the inlet manifold

Ieuan Williams

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Hi everybody,


I wonder if someone can help me with my problem?


I've cleaned the inlet manifold and at the same time replaced the egr value, then I put everything back together but I'm finding that the engine will turn over but will not fire.


My car is a 2005, 2.0 diesel X-Type.



I'm going to take everything off and see if I've missed anything.


Does anyone have any ideas as to why It's not starting? it was starting fine before I did this.


Thanks in advance,



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If everything was fine before the strip down Ieuan why take it apart for a cleansing? Again if it was all starting and running fine before the strip down I can only assume something as been missed whilst re-assembling. I cannot pin point your problem not being there but wish you luck in finding it.

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Hi Kenny,


Thanks for your reply.


I decided to change the egr and clean the inlet manifold because I was seeing smoke when I was accelerating, and was experiencing stuttering about 2000-2300 rpm.


I'll keep you posted.



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