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Introducing myself

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Hello - just joined the forum.


I'm Clare, my husband owns a Jaguar s-type, 57 plate (2.7 diesel automatic).  We've got 2 children and also own a Toyota Verso so that we have a car suitable for bikes, scooters and other child related stuff!


We are having some issues with the Jaguar currently so i've joined this forum on recommendation of a friend of a friend in the hope of getting some advice or support.


I don't know much about cars unfortunately...

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hi clare welcome to the club. forgot to add in my last reply to your problems. it seems a bit strange that the Jaguar factory has not got wiring loom in stock. have you tried contacting a indypendant Jaguar specialist there is a list some were on this site recommended indy garages hope fully theirs one in your area. you could try googling it up  Jaguar specialists in Leicestershire . kennys the man for you he will pop in soon im sure  joe

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Hi Clare and welcome to The Jaguar Owners Club. You will note there are members always ready to assist wherever they can. Joe wrote that I would be in a position to assist you with the wiring loom and I am sure I could have however, it would also appear that Joe as pointed you in the direction of locating the said loom on eBay for what looks to be a reasonable price.

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