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Problems with steering after changing front springs


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Hi every one, I'm new to this but could really do with some help please?

I have a Jaguar x-type 2.0 diesel 2006 (63000miles)

Last week while sitting on the drive way one of my front springs broke. I had it recovered to the garage and 2 new ones put on. (I think they are after market ones) but now when I steer the car full lock to the left the wheels judder and the car chatters. But only really while the car is stationary. Also I have noticed when on the motorway the steering wheel vibrates which it didn't before. It's been back to that garage and they can't find the fault. I've had the wheels rebalanced and the top mount bearing changed (left side) still no change. Really starting to worry about this. Would be really greatful for any advice.



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Elliot, when I changed springs myself in the past I have noted that it takes a little time before they settle in. Very worrying I understand and cannot guarantee that this is what is happening in your case. May consider a visit to a Jaguar Independent Specialist for peace of mind.

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Thanks Kenny


How long would you think it would take to settle? Its been back to the garage 3 times in the last week and they can't see anything wrong around the springs so maybe I should just use the car? I drive 60miles a day to and from work so maybe if I use it, it might sort its self out? The garage have also noticed my auxiliary drive belt is chattering a lot, could this be some of the cause? I am booking it in to have this changed in the week, so at around £500 I am hoping it will help?



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I cannot see as to why the auxiliary drive belt would be the cause of what you are experiencing. It should at 60 miles a day settle within a couple of weeks however, if you are feeling uncomfortable with the situation then you may wish to appoint another garage or someone like the RAC if you are a member to look at it. It could very well be that the garage who performed the work would inform you that they cannot find anything wrong because they did the work and don't wish to remedy if they can see something wrong or bought cheap after market springs.

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