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Mystery whine when steering left


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Hello all


I hope someone can shed some light on this issue as it has me, and a number of other mechanically minded types, stumped.


My 2.0D X-Type (64,000 miles) has, within the last fortnight, developed an annoying whine when steering to the left. This starts to happen once the car has been driven for about 8 miles, so I assume that something has warmed up by this time.


The whine is relatively low pitched and happens at all speeds when steering left (either a few degrees or a full lock left circle). It stops immediately when I straighten up. It does not happen when driving straight or steering right.


All of the following have been checked and found to be fine:

Power steering fluid level

Steering wheel wobble

Brake pads

Brake discs



Tyre pressure

Tyre tread depth


I hesitate to delve deeper without having a better clue regarding the potential problem. Any clues or shared experiences would be gratefully received.




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