X308 Engine Failsafe

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Hi, I have a 2001 XJ8 the other day I drove approx. 45 miles on the motorway without a hiccup....stopped the engine for about 30 mins the went to start her again and nothing...


the engine spins then a orange light pops up and a message 'ENGINE FAILSAFE' but the engine won't fire. I have had the AA out to it and they couldn't find any codes on the ECU to point to a specific error. and their Jag Specialist hasn't got a darn clue?


ANY IDEAS? I have tried several things....drained the system to 0.000v DC then reconnected the battery Still no fire


reseated all the plugs inc throttle body Still no fire


checked voltage to mass air flow that's fine and checked the brake pedal switch this is working fine.





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