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X Type Fuel Fault


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Hi Folks.

Just joined this site and looking for some help from the informed few :D  I have purchased my first 2004 Jag x type as an ongoing project. The car did not start when I got it and found a can of easy start in the boot which caused me to worry slightly. I have spent a few hours cleaning out empty fuel lines and fitted a priming Bulb midway between filter and pump and primed up the system. I also replaced 4 dead glow plugs but yet it will not start on its own without a tiny and I mean tiny squirt of easy start. I put a Snap on solus ultra on it and checked for fault codes and I have the following.


P1544 Engine coolant heater B control circuit

P2291 Injector control pressure too low.


I looked at the common rail pressure when cranking and running and here are the result.


Cranking = 218 inhg which equals 8.34bar

Idle = 530 - 770 inhg which equals 17-26 bar

2000rpm = 2191 inhg which equals 74 bar


There is no difference on cranking pressure with the IMV connected or disconnected.

I am good with cars and tools but not 100% on diesels but managed to do all the tests I can think of apart from a compression test as don't have a tool to remove the injectors. 


I also clamped all the leak off pipes to see if that was possibly an issue but still she no start :(  :(

I was looking at how easy it is to change pump as they are chain driven and seemingly I need a special kit to lock sprocket or else I have to remove the whole timing cover which also needs special tool to realign it all. It also said that this model of car does not need the pump coded to ECU if it is changed.


Any help given will be welcomed with open arms and gratefully applied  :)  :)  Thanks

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