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Passenger door woes

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My car is a 1997 XK8 convertible.


I've already posted here to try to understand what is wrong - but have some more info now.

The symptoms seem as follows:

1. The passenger door window regularly loses it's programming (goes down when opening door but doesn't go up again)

2. When dropping the hood the window shudders all the way down (seems OK though if windows are reset)

3. Sometimes the passenger door lock doesn't operate when unlocking/locking either from the drivers door or the remote fob. It always appears OK when using the passenger door inside handle or when auto locking by going into D.


The drivers door functions are all OK (as is everything else)


I suspect a previous owner has already tried changing the battery to fix these as the battery is almost new and tests good.


My suspicion is that the PDCM may be at fault and my next job is to remove the door trim and check the connections and possibly try to find a new control module.


As I don't really understand how the unit works can anyone offer any other suggestions as to what else I might check before I start spending large chunks of money on the off chance that it might fix the problem. These are not serious problems I know but just a bit irritating.


Any suggestions gratefully received.


Many Thanks 

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