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XK Convertible hood and rear window upgrade module. Watch our demo at www.xktailor.com

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Working in conjunction with the Jag Wrangler in the U.S.,


The XK Tailor provides a service to supply and fit a bespoke designed module giving numerous benefits to the functionality

of the convertible roof and rear quarter windows in XK8s, XKRs and XKs from 1996-2014.

The standard setup for roof control and lack of control of rear quarter panels

was, in our mind, a gross oversight by Jaguar.

          Our electronic modules address these issues. They feature;

1. 'One Touch' opening and closing from inside your car.

2. Remote opening and closing from your original Jaguar keyfob. (Sequence ends by putting up your windows and locking your car).

3. Ability to control your rear quarter windows.

It can be fitted to your car in just 45 minutes at our site in Docklands, London E14.

          Prices are £345 for X100 (’96-’06) chassis models and £395 for X150 (’06-’14) chassis models. Just drive

up, have a coffee and drive away.

The module itself is a tiny computer that splices into the XK's

roof/window/locking ECU. It does not damage the existing electronics or change

any of the car's functionality and can be removed at any time.

We believe that this module adds more than it's cost to the value of your car.

So when it comes to reselling, it'll sit head and shoulders above other XKs.

Give us a call on 020 7118 3888 to find out more or book an appointment.


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