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Cruise Control Stuck !!

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Hi Guys, I thought I would just share my experience with the Cruise Control on my 08 XF


It was the first colder morning since i had bought the car, although I had been driving for a good half hour before using the Cruise Control. I was on a dual carriageway with lots of speed cameras so i always set the cruise control to 50 mph and leave it. 


This day I set the speed to 50mph with the control wheel on the steering wheel, then I notice the speed is climbing rapidly. The wheel on the steering wheel was stuck in the increase speed position !! it was at 57 before i realised !!


I found that by giving the wheel a good wiggle in both directions it stopped sticking


I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but please watch out for this, I nearly picked up a speeding fine and points, I can't see the court accepting my explanation


All the best 



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