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Gearbox Failure Alert - no Reverse gear

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Bought my 2011 XF S back in May of this year from a dealer, and while originally worried about possible build quality issues, the car itself has been amazing.


Last night I got a "Gearbox Failure" alert and the car wouldn't go into reverse. The R on the selector would just flash red, but wouldnt go into gear and stayed in Neutral. Switching it off and on didn't make any difference. When in D or S the flappy paddles dont work, and the car seems to be stuck in 3rd gear and wont change. Sometimes, when I turn the car off and on and just it into drive it will work fine, but the majority of the time it exhibits the problems above.


I did manage to get it into R at one point, but haven't been able to repeat that since. I'm hoping its just a gear selector issue, but there was one occasion last week when I put it in reverse its like as if the electronic parking brake was on where it was very hesitant to move in reverse gear. When I switched if off and on it was fine so thought nothing off it.


Anyone had a similar issue? I know the gear selector can be a bit tempremental, but I'm hoping I dont have a gearbox problem as the car has just come out of warranty.


Its in with an indie at the moment to see whats wrong with it.

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Well.... looks like its not a gear selector/electronics problem.... being transported to the transmission specialist in the morning... estimate somewhere between €1,500 and €2,000 in repairs...... #absolutelygutted

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