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poss autobox slip

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hi all,
i have a 52 plate 2.5 auto se, now i have a small leak from under the car it has the odd drip witch you can see on the drive way its not a big loss at all
also when i start the cat up from cold on a morning it makes a very strange whirring noise (it sounds like its coming from the gearbox side) and after a few mins or so the noise goes,
i noticed yesterday that when the auto box changes from 1 to 2 it changes at about 2200 rpms and that the car does not pull through as it should,and when i'm sat on a hill with the car in D with the handbrake off the car just sits there no problems at,but yesterday it's started to roll backwards and i have no idea at all this is my first Jag.
any ideas ????
thanks in advance 


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