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Suggest owners of xf saloon models upto 6 years old, Check carefully along the top and bottom of the stainless steel boot moulding for signs of paint defects in the form of very small spiders or paint bubbles? Due a gasket being left off during production and collecting water under the moulding..And have the boot resprayed FOC under Jaguars 6 year corrosion warranty. I have just returned from a dealers as friend dropped his car off to have this problem repaired and walking around there sales stock see three 60 plate & one 61 plate models showing paint defects along this moulding.

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20 hours ago, Keefster14 said:

Hi Paul,  have you got a pic of where you mean? While I'm sorting the issue I have I may as well look out for this!

Top and bottom of where the chrome finisher is fitted between the rear lamps (red in photo)


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