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MOT Failure XKR - emissions


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Hi all, I'm learning some painful lessons with my first owned Jaguar 59 5.0 XKR which has 44k on the clock. Over the winter months I sore and garaged her while turning her over every week no problem bar one Sod's law the day before its MOT at a independent Jag garage. I followed the forums advice and charged the battery via the remote points. Turned over fine, although the battery charger still read low. Prior My brake pads low warning was on, so again with the forums help I ordered the redstuff pads for it front and back. 

I drove the car 10+ miles to Garage with no problems felt perfect, the garage originally said I could wait an hour for it while they did the Mot. it was taken to another garage to do its mot. (Which felt a little poor) and I was then told it would be two hours. I left it with them, 5 hrs later no word so I have to call. It's failed on one single thing with an advisory rear pads wearing thin inner 3.5.1g . The failure was : exhaust emissions lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits 7.3.D.3 

I said ok have you fitted the pads, errrr no. So after 5 hours after setting expectations of 1 to 2 hours my confidence died with them. I find it bizarre as I have an old 05 2.5v6 tdi Audi that kicks clouds out which passes every year lol.

Does anybody know what this code is? Or can anybody give me a recommendation on a better garage in the Nottinghamshire area? 

I'm thinking about a terraclean after reading posts again on here. But I must admit I'm surprised and thinking it's more its sat and not had a motorway blow out. Should I try changing air filters or some fuel flusher?

Thanks in advance
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Sounds like it needs a good run down the motorway .... 30 to 45 minutes at least if its been parked up for some time. Low battery voltage won't help either as this may affect the fuelling. It may be worth putting an OBD code reader on it to see if any codes are stored ....... at least this would give you a starting point.

The other item it may be is a Lambda sensor but that should show up with the code reader.

Sorry, can't help with a garage in your area.

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