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Shuddering/Flat Spot, Limp Mode, Gear 3, 3,000 RPM, 2.2D HELP!


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Hello to all!

Ok so i am coming to you for some assistance as i am really running out of ideas. 

My 2.2D X type has an issue. Whenever i am accelerating through the gears there is a problem. Gear 1 is fine through the whole rev range, gear 2 is fine through the whole rev range, but gear three as soon as i get between 2,000 and 3,000 RPM it starts to hesitate/shudder/flat out and then throw itself into limp mode. This is worse depending how much throttle i am using but it is always there. 

Here is what i have tried so far;

New MAF sensor, new MAP sensor, new EGR valve, new turbo actuator and i replaced the intercooler pipe that had a split. The only fault code i am getting is p0405 (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor A Circuit Low) and sometimes it changes to p0409 (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor "A" Circuit). But my EGR valve is blanked anyway so even if it had an issue it would not effect how the car runs.

I am now thinking i have a problem with the wiring to my EGR valve as regardless if i unplug it or leave it plugged in the car behaves the same, also i checked the plug with my meter and i found my 2 earth wires no problem, but the other 3 are all reading 5 volts. I read that 2 should be earth, 1 should be 12v, the other should be 5 volts and the third is a feedback wire which i guess should only read a voltage when the EGR valve is responding to a signal but it is a constant 5 volts so maybe this is my issue?

As i said i am now clutching at hairs. I really hope someone can shed some light on this situation. Thanks in advance.

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I'm interested in your findings on this. I was getting P0405 as well as others related to flow. I stripped the EGR and cleaned it out to no avail so replaced the EGR. Now I only get the 0405. 


Gives a good diagnosis procedure which I'm going to try.

I also think the feedback wire should only see the return voltage through the sensor (as you suggest), so would be a variable voltage reading (or a simple 0-5v) depending on the valve position.

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Hello Peter. 

I have solved my problem. Turns out the cheap aftermarket fuel filter I fitted did not agree with my car. I bought myself a Bosch one and car runs beautiful again. regarding the EGR valve I have just blanked this off and will be getting the EGR deleted when I get my remap done. hope you solve your problem. And thanks for your post. 



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Ah I see. I was focusing on the second half of your problem rather than the first. I get some hesitation at lower speeds which I think are EGR related and did get some limp home mode activation before I change the valve. I take it you have a MIL on with the P0405?

I was told you couldn't re-map out an EGR delete on the later all electric EGRs.

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Yes previous to my more serious running issues I had a failing EGR valve which I diagnosed simply with the blanking plate. The valve was sticking open giving me hesitation and limp mode, eventually it wouldn't start at all. Yes I did have MIL light on with P0405. And having been in touch with Celtic Tuning they say they can delete the EGR on mine. I would assume they are correct but time will tell. 

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