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2005 X-Type "lights left on alert"


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I recently bought a 2005 X-type and have realised it doesn't alert me if I accidentally leave the lights on when I switch the engine off. I believe this is supposed to happen and someone who knows more about cars than me has told me that the appropriate piece of kit is connected but just isn't working. I can't see where this "thing" is (and don't have a name for it - apart from "that fliipin' thing that isn't working").
I've tried googling it but can't find anything. I've had a look at the fuse box and information on the fuses and fuse box in the owner's handbook but can' tell which fuse controls this "lights left on" alert and wondering if it's in the engine compartment fuses F3 which is for horns on a diesel only or F27 which mentions it's for, amongst other things, battery backed sounder. They're only ones I can see that might be the ones. I've checked all the fuses in the engine compartment with a meter and they're all OK. I can't get the meter to the ones in the glove box - you need five hands and two sets of eyes to be able to do that surely?
My questions are what is this thing called, where is it and how do I get it working?
Any advice would much be appreciated.
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