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x150 Power Steering Pump Replacement

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Hi there, 

I have 2006 XK (x150) 4.2 which was recently services where they told me I might need to change the power steering fluid soon. Two days ago I went around a sharp bend and suddenly the steering started to make a sqeeking noise and had very heavy steering when standing still. So I went to get it refilled. Took it to an independent garage just next door for convenience as I thought it was just the fluids that needed to be changed. Half hour later he called me and said there is no point changing the fluid as there are particles in the hoses and the pump is broken - needs to be replaced. I called several jag specialists and in depended garages and it seems to be a pricey endeavor. 428£+VAT for the pump and 300-400£ For labour. All in all looking at around 900£. 

has anyone had a similar situation and do those costs sound legit? 

I was thinking whether it might be worth it looking at 2nd hand parts as the oil pump seems to be a fairly simple item. Any suggestions on that? 

I'm based in SW18 London.

Any help would be much appreciated. 


Thanks a mill



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I believe that this could've happened due to one of these two reasons: 1. The steering fluid filter wasn't replaced in time (or you changed power steering fluid without cleaning the system with the same liquid) or 2. Quality of liquid you added/filled in was poor. If I were you, i would go and shop for aftermarket OE-quality pieces (https://www.carid.com/power-steering-hoses/), as from my experience I know, that they are no worse than ones by Jaguar, yet are way less expensive. This way I ordered a power steering cooler and a couple of hoses.

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