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Cat owner North Lincolnshire

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Hello and Good evening

I've made the big jump and bought a 2001 S type v6 3.o litre the first jaguar I've ever owned and overall I'm pleased with her.

The car has the dreaded P0171 and P0174 alarms and also runs poorly at times and cuts out on tick over after awhile.

I've been researching regarding doing the job myself but even though there is lots of information there seems to be no step by step guide which includes everything that has to be removed, in which order etc. I've also looked for everything else to do while the manifold is off and this is vague to.

I've purchased a JTIS on a disc but this just lists references to other things to do and so is time consuming jumping around the JTIS (I'm used to Toyota guides)

Does anyone have anything of use or any guidance please

I'm also looking forward to reading all the post here to learn more


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Thanks Jim for the very eye opening information

I suspected I would just be replacing things that I wouldn't get access to without the manifold off!

I'm hoping to create a list of things to order in before starting the "Replace the elbow" job. Things such as spark plugs, spark plug boss seals, manifold gaskets, breather hoses and the IMT O rings

I was just wondering if anyone could suggest anything else worth doing with hopefully a part number




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