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Greetings one and all. Past 11 years had all types of Merc and last was 220 cdi. Tempted by another Jag as last one many years ago, in fact a 4.2 in Gold with pepperpot wheels and lots of rust.


Now much much older, and maybe wiser?? Only bought it Friday and already confused! DAB was deff on the screen but now only shows AM/FM, CD, AUX on Audio screen. What have I done/not done???

My 9 year old granddaughter lives 40 miles away , so cant really get her to show me, but I bet she could.

KInd regards and thanks for any info


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56 minutes ago, JimC64 said:

Hey Brian, welcome aboard good to have you here

Congrats on the XF, really nice ride, maybe share some pics of her when you can?

Re your issues - sorry I can't help with that in particular, but in the meantime have you checked the audio manual? I'm guessing the answer may lie in there for a quick fix and worth looking into

Either that or one of the audiophiles may be along at some point and offer help

Good luck


Thanks JIm,

Yes , I thought of the manual, of which I have 2 . Sadly even after pressing the HOME button, still no sign of DAB. I live in hope someone will take pity on me , or its back to the dealer at some point


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