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Front fog lights

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XK8 Convertible MY2002. Front fogs not working.  Changed fuse and relay. Low prob that both bulbs have blown - or is it?  Noted that front and rear fog switch does not have led telltale, neither do the seat heater switches:  the led holes seem to have blanks.  Normal???   Pretty low prob of switch failure - feels like others.  Pleased for any experience/suggestions. Also how to get at the switch.

If anyone has seen my earlier question about the inoperative boot button on the boot, after wrestling off the panels with no success I am now trying giving the button the Evil Eye as the possible cure.

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Good morning.   I had exactly the same problem with my MY02 XK8.  The fuse controls several circuits including those you mention plus the concealed anti-theft horn/sounder. This is situated in the offside wheel well, forward of the wheel and in line with the headlight and be got at through a small hatch in the plastic liner.   The horn is there, I understand, to guard against a thief cutting the main battery cable to isolate the main  anti-theft sounder.  The concealed system is powered by two encapsulated AA nicads which after a few years self destruct.  They may do so in a way that they supply a direct path to earth in which case the fuse blows time and again or they may not, when it doesn't.   On my car it did!   I removed the concealed sounder and taped up the plug and all was well.   Used sounders are available but I found that removing the remains of the batteries in mine damaged other parts of the corroded circuit board and so I do without it on the basis that 16 year old XK8s are not a big target.   This type of sounder was used on later models but may not be compatible.

If you solve the problem with the boot button, please tell me.

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