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NEW full adjustable COILOVER KIT Bilstein-Eibach with special discount!!

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hi at all,
the technical center BILSTEIN Italy (www.ntp.it/english/home.html   ) has developed for me a Full Adjustable Road & Track suspension kit with 10 settings for the damper. Using ERS Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers B16 PSS10.
I have this kit from few months  and I must say that it is extremely quiet, it has a great grip and maintains optimum comfort.
The adjustments on the front shocks are inside the bonnet, very easy.
The adjustment of the rear shock absorbers ( that have the 40mm rod! ) are in the lower part, it is not necessary to lift the car to adjust, just lie down and with two fingers to rotate the ferrule that remains inside the old support for the spring .
Anyone want this kit, please send an email to: sale@ntp.it
the price is 3795 Euro + VAT but I've got a special 15% discount for all my friends and fans XK8 / XKR 1996-2006

If you are interested in even the discount, when you send the order, write MANNI CONFIGURATION and sends the email also to me for information ( Cc.) luca.manni.plc@gmail.com  and will automatically discount!

1 (2).PNG

2 (2).PNG

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