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Does anyone have any experience with a TMC that just doesn't work. I've tried going through all the settings and all it comes back with is 'No TMC station found'. And i know TMC is definitely provided by Classic FM in the UK. I used to get Traffic info on my Mercedes.

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After owning my XE for 2 years I have finally discovered why my TMC and TA aren't working - I need a data SIM to insert into a recepticle in the boot. Call me stupid, but why has it taken this long for Jaguar to inform me?

Surely I can't be the only person who has missed this requirement?

Once told, I found it referenced in the car manual.......but do I really need to read it cover to cover to find out what the car has to offer?

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I have now been told by jaguar that this was an error and they still can't work out why it's not working - as all their checks indicate it should work. They are sending a technical query up the line


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