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Upgrading my XF


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Hi all,


I am upgrading my XF to the new model but I am not sure whether to go Portfolio or R-Sport.  I can't quite pin down all the differences.  I currently have a Premium Luxury edition so I am not sure what I'd miss if I go for R-Sport and not Portfolio.


Any help would be much appreciated, sifting through the standard specs on the site isn't making anything major stand out.  I am getting in In Control Pro pack so I'm covered on the gadget front.


Many Thanks


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Difficult to advise anyone else on choice of options, I think it's a very personal thing.  Recently bought my XF.  It was a laborious tasks, but I listed ALL options for ALL model variants, then deleted all of the common features - surprising how many there are, which left the model specific or optional options if you know what I mean.  from there I was able to define which were the 'necessities', which were the 'nice to have', and which options I just wasn't fussed about.  Helped me a great deal anyway.

Hope that's of use.



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