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Radio Issue


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Hi All,


Just picked up a very low milage 2008 black xkr for a great price. Needs a little tlc but wondered if I could pick your brains please.

This has probably been answered before, so I apologise in advance if so.

I cannot get the radio to tune into any station at all. Every station is fuzzy which to me seems to be an Aerial issue but I might be wrong. Please can you give me some pointers. Where is the aerial, maybe I could see if any wires are disconnected.

Any help would be great. 

Many thanks 

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Sounds like the fuse may have been removed/blown, if you can't see the aerial when the radio is on. It's the old-fashioned electric version that for some reason they decided added a necessary boost of elegance to an ugly car ;)

Fuse can be found behind the central panel between the rear seats.

If it's not that, then int could be the aerial motor or cables that are damaged. You need to pull out most of the inside lining of the boot to get at it on the right hand side.

Hope that's of some use

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Hi Tom,

On your 2008 model the AM/FM aerial is in the boot spoiler together with the aerial amplifier. Only the 2006 & 2007 models have a mechanical antenna.

Please see the attached extracts from the Workshop Manual which will hopefully help you find the unit.  I've also attached the Manual extracts for removing the tail gate trim which may or may not be necessary.

There is a splitter in the antenna coax cable - it is located below the R/H rear light cluster. I would look here first as it is much easier than removing the tailgate trim which is retained by clips that are EXTREMELY easy to break. It could also be the earth connection if you have a coupe as there is a strap to the tailgate hinge.

Hope this helps - if you need some more from the Workshop Manual let me know and I'll do my best to extract it for you.




Antenna 3.pdf

Antenna 2.pdf

Antenna 1.pdf

Tailgate Lower Trim Removal 2.pdf

Tailgate Lower Trim Removal 1.pdf

Tailgate Upper Trim Removal.pdf

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Hi Rich,

Can't say for certain but it would be a good place to check. The heated rear window must be earthed somewhere and through the tail-gate earth strap would be my first choice. I believe there is only one wire to the heated rear window element and therefore the earth must come through the body i.e. through the hinge earth strap.

Of course with with a heated rear screen it could be a break in one of the element wires - does any part of the screen heater work or is it all dead ??

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Hi John. The entire heated screen is dead and my first port of call is to replace the relay as soon as I'm able to get to the nearest Ford garage (it's a FoMoCo part). Next step will be to check the earth strap and then I'll need to buy a multi-meter so that I can see whether the connector is live (if not that would indicate a break somewhere in the element). Failing all of the above, I guess I'll ask the garage to take a look when it's next in for a service.

Many thanks, Rich

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So after replacing the relay without success I asked the garage to take a look whilst it was in for an aircon service and they found the heater element connector tab had broken away from the element. I've managed to solder this back on and fingers crossed it will stay put, otherwise it'll be a combination of solder for the electrical connection and epoxy adhesive for mechanical strength. Thanks to those who commented. Rich

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