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New XF Roof Bars

Simon R

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Has anyone fitted rof bars on a new XF? Are they different from the previous XF saloon? The Jaguar accessory catalog shows a different part number; but when looking on the Thule site they don't seem to offer anything for the new XF different from the old.

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I have the same question.  I am told the 2016 XF is a complete redesign and earlier roof bars will not fit.  I have sent a query to Thule- as I am sure they must by now have a solution.  Jaguar do sell them as an accessory, but clearly more expensive.

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I contacted THULE and this is their response.

"Unfortunately our engineers have been unable to approve a recommended roof-rack solution for the Jaguar XF as the angle of the roof-edge is incompatible with any of our Thule products. 
It is possible that Jaguar have developed their own solution and so our only advice is that you please contact them directly. "

It would seem therefore that Jaguar have redesigned the roof line, and as such, no "Aftermarket" product is yet suitable or tested.   I do believe though that once opurchased, then aftermarket attachments can be fitted to the Jaguar Roof bars, such as Thule cycle carriers whcih are cheaper than Jags own version.

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Yes I have, its a faff to complete the build of the bars as components come loose and all differ for each corner, why it cant have been put together at the bar factory I don't know! Took about hour to assemble an hour to fit. But genuine Jaguar ones . Now its done, will be easier next time £215 from  main dealer. 

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