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What's life like owning an XJR (x350)

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Hi All,


I'm not sure if I've jumped out of the playpen early, so please bear with me, but I would like to know what it's like owning an XJR or S-Type R (ie pre current models).

I owned an S-Type 3.0 litre before which I enjoyed despite lots of repair costs. I would really love an XJ 2.7D but they are more rare than what a rocking horse leaves behind. In fact in NZ classified ads atm there isn't a single listing. The XJ6 petrol here generally have a low spec and at the price difference between them and 8s is minimal, so a V8 would be my choice; there are also couple of good Rs around for a good price. I've always thought if I had the opportunity, I'd love to own an R. 

I've recently moved from Australia to New Zealand. In Australia fuel is cheap, but used Jags are disproportionately over priced. In NZ they are, what I would say is good value, but fuel is about 160% more in cost Vs Aus.

Can I make the assumption that general driving of the V8 or S/C 8 would return similar figures? Around town I do a lot of short trips as it's only a couple of k into town. I wouldn't be expecting the Jag to be a daily driver, but it would cost around $150 bucks to fill the tank. 

Now here's where I talk really softly, my wife really doesn't like spending on fuel or parts. She loves Jags but I'm not sure If I could get it past her. As mentioned, we spent a lot on repairs for the S-Type and we currently own a Rover 75 which we love. The pain comes when trying to source parts, I generally buy them from the UK, but the exchange rate between the UK pound and the Kiwi $ is almost double and that burns holes in the wallet. I would suggest that it's cost of parts that really gets her cranky.

So where do I ask you guy to come in?

What's it like owning/driving an XJR/S-Type R?

Do you guys generally help each other out with your vehicles? 

How do you regard the running costs?

Do you guys cringe every time you stop for fuel?

 If you own an R and had a choice, why would you keep it over say, a std V8.

Also if you had the choice, why wouldn't you opt for an R?

Are there some common pitfalls that run the cash register up really quickly?


Thanks for any help. :)



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