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Jaguar Detroit Rims - leaking valve

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hi all - so - getting a bit frustrated. have detroit alloys (manufactured for Jaguar by BBS) on my 2002 XK8 - and the valve is leaking. problem is - its not a normal valve, but a split valve (you have a tool to remove the screw, then use an adapter to fit the air compressor). the issue is - no one seems to know how to get the replacement part. Jaguar dealerships no longer have the part, and alloy wheel specialists do not have the part. so i'm stuck! any advice appeciated!

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after trying 4 dealership and 3 alloy shops (all seemed confused/unable to help!) i phoned J&D autos - he knew the BBS wheel and also has the part. cant believe the dealerships dont even know of this wheel (they said they only valve listed with the wheel is a normal valve - which will not fit the wheel). anyways hopefully all sorted!

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interestingly - after 5/6 emails with BBS in Germany in respect to the rim - this is their final answer (below). i managed to find valves on eBay made in titanium, supposedly the ones manufactured by BBS were made in a difference material and prone to corrosion..


"Hello Jason

We are very sorry, but in this case we are not able to recommend anything.

The last production of this wheel was many many years ago.

For this reason we do not have any in stock.

Sorry not having any better news for you.

Best regards,



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