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To get this factory finish

First of all I got 800 wet and dry you then rub around the rough parts and deep rash,

I then got some chemical metal mixed it filled and gouges

I waited for it to dry and the sanded it down to a smooth shape and finish

Then with 800, 1000 1500 wet and dry completely go over the wheel with the papers in the order mentioned

Remove all the dust then get a filler primmer and spray the entire wheel

I then smoothed it all with 1600 wet and dry

I then once again removed all the dust

I then sprayed the wheel with 3 cotes of graphite grey wheel paint

I then left it to dry

I then painstakingly masked of all the new paint leaving the rim and the faces of the spokes exposed for the next process.

I then bought some chrome spray and covered the remaining area.

I then let them dry then slowly and carefully removed the tape

This is the important part please pay attention this must be done to get that factory finish


I then though god they look sh1te, fook this  and bought 4 new wheels from Jaguar


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