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XKR adaptive headlamp problems


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Hi there, an appeal for help/guidance/sympathy here.

I've had an issue running for at least a year now, on which I've tried various remedies none of which have been successful long term: the clever adaptive headlamps defaulted to a position where both pointed inwards. The dealer said I needed to replace the right hand unit at a cost of over £1000. I thought surely not so replaced just the control module on the back of that headlamp which was only £200. That fixed them, but only for a while. After 6 months they started to do the same default to centre setting. I thought maybe the LH unit had the same fault so bought another control module. That remedied the problem but only for a couple of months before both defaulted to the cross eyed look once again! Back to the dealer and he did his check and said again I need to buy a new unit. Cannot believe there is nothing but replacing a whole headlamp unit that is the answer here. Surely if the motor inside is working as are the bulbs, what part apart from the control module could be at fault? This is surely nothing to do with the ballast unit is it? Any one got any thoughts or helpful hints?? 

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