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XF Upholstery Question


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Hi all, I'm currently looking at a couple of used XF's and hoping to do the deal on one of them this weekend.  The trouble is, most of the cars that meet my criteria and are on the market at the moment all seem to have Ivory or Dove leather  It doesn't bother me, but her indoors thinks it would be a nightmare with our 2 young kids. 

I'd love to gain some owners experiences regarding this, are the lighter interiors easy enough to clean or are they easily marked and I'd be better off sticking to charcoal?

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I bought a 5 year old XF with ivory seats a few months back and the rear seats had obviously been well abused by kids. 

I used a good quality Leather cleaner after watching a few demos on youtube they have come up like new.

the result was so good a friend even asked to use my car for her wedding 

Hope this helps 

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