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Intercooler problem - Jaguar XF Portfolio S

ron clark

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Dear all,

                  I purchased a second hand Portfolio S this April.  It has just reached 35,00 miles.  Suddenly I had a reduction in power.  Went to Carrs Truro, the local Jaguar dealership.  Fault diagnosed as a split hose.  Contacted AA Warranty Services to be told that hoses were not covered.  Hose priced over £260.  Questioned whether a hose could cost that much but was told it was the correct price.  Went to local independent garage to get second opinion but garage could not find any split hose.  The garage then discovered that the seam to the inter-cooler was split.  Contacted AA Warranty chap who examined Jag, confirmed inter-cooler was split, not the hose and it has now been confirmed that this is covered by the warranty.  Part purchased from another Jag dealership.  Funny enough the inter-cooler was in stock and did bot have to be ordered.  I am not happy with the way this problem had been diagnosed by the dealership.  £46 odd had almost cost me a further £500 if I had agreed for them to repair the car there and then.  Carrs Jaguar have asked for a Customer Service survey.  Please find the below response.  I have taken out my phone number.  I subsequently spoke to Jaguar direct who stated they were not aware of any fault, although by this time I was aware that the inter-cooler initially installed in my Jag had been modified.


"Fault diagnosed incorrectly.  I believe Jaguar are hiding the fact that the inter-cooler has a fault on its seam.  Paid £45 odd but then went to an independent garage who confirmed it was the inter-cooler and not a split hose.  As a consequence of this, the defect is covered by my warranty, which, if was a split hose would not be covered.  It is evident this is a common failure.  After all, Roger Young has the inter-cooler on the shelf and didn't have to be ordered.  I took this up with Jaguar themselves who will not admit they have a problem with the part in question.  However, when looking at the Jaguar Owners Forum, numerous complaints of this particular seam splitting.  It is not deemed to be worthy of a product recall as it is not a danger.  However,overtaking and the seam splitting, thus creating a loss of power would be a dangerous set of circumstances.  The lack of transparency and integrity conducted by your garage in respect of this matter dictates that (a) I will not use your garage again as I cannot trust you (b) In 2 years time when I retire and I purchase a new luxury it will be either Mercedes or Audi.   
To give the customer the kind of service I would expect from a Lada or Daewoo dealership I find totally unacceptable.  Perhaps you would like to ring me on ***************** to discuss this matter as you appear to be very keen to canvass me on my opinions.  Ron Clark"


I am grateful that the forum identified this problem or potentially I would not have taken the matter further and discovered a certain amount of deceit. 


Ron Clark

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