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"Cruise Control Not Available"


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I hope you guys can help me.

I recently bought a 2002 3.0V6 SE Auto X-type. The Engine Management Light was on and the dealers sent it to the garage, who said the oxygen sensor needed replacing, this was change and the EML hasn't been on since.

However, since then I'm getting a "Cruise Control Not Available" error, which limits the car to 3k revs.

I have been looking on these forums for possible causes, and the #1 cause seems to be a split in the breather hose, I checked my hose and it's the original hose but it seems in tact.

Do you know of any other likely causes of this issue?

EDIT: Bought a new breather hose(Ribbed one) from a main Jaguar dealer, hasn't resolved the issue!


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