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Left front door locked

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I have read many scripts on X Type door locking problems. Mine is a locked passenger front door that will not disengage with the fob or manually. I would like to remove the door card as it is probably the actuator or sticking cable or something like that. The actuator is not making the clunking noise when I activate the fob. All other doors work OK. Someone out there may have come across this problem. Would appreciate any help on this topic. Thanks 

I have managed to get the door card away at the top and the cable is working OK. Because the actuator has the door in the lock mode I do not seem to be able to do anything because it controls the rod to the door handle. Any ideas.

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Finally got the door open. After purchasing a replacement door lock I could see how it worked. I was able to remove a small amount of plastic and get at the part I needed to move in order to get the lock to release. The first movement released the first catch of the double lock and released the door onto the second lock.. The second release needed a bit of tapping and moving the door to jump the catch. It didn't unlock but it did jump the retainer. Not an easy fix.
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