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Key Fob Issues or Dead Car?!


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Hi. I'm hoping to get some advice about a challenge I'm having in not being able to unlock my car (Jaguar XK Convertible). I tried to use my remote key fob this evening, but sadly to no avail. The car appeared dead. I tried my spare, just in case the battery in the key fob was dead, but neither would open the car. I had this experience a few months ago and this was I'm told due to an electrical storm which caused a power surge and wiped out the area. After about 45 mins of trying the fob and manual key out of the fob, neither option working, eventually the car opened with the usual click of a button. Tonight I'm wondering if it's due to the heavy frost or perhaps a flat battery? Either way I'm currently unable to get into the car and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks... 


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Hi. There used to be a key hole behind the number plate on these cars. Not sure if they all have or not. Not very handy but would at least get you into the car. My experiences with various Jags would point to a failing battery you maybe should get it tested at local garage to see. 


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