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Oncoming headlight dazzle

Monkey in York

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I've been having a similar feeling about my x-type. I drive an S trim, so my screen is not heated (except by the fan, obvs) - do you have an actual glass heater filament? My glass is just a bit scratched. When I bought my car the original wipers were on and they seemed pretty tacky to me. I've replaced them with Bosch and might replace the screen.

Having new headlights made all the difference, of course. With a relatively low driving position for a saloon, and the hemmed in feeling from the low roof, maybe this contributes to the problem.

I turned down the inside/dashboard lighting to low which helps quite a bit too.

But what is sure is that night driving on unlit country roads is the only thing I would really claim as a major flaw on the x-type...

Although the prevelance of SUVs blinding other drivers LR and centre these days is not Jags fault! On that, if you have an SUV coming towards you and you can see the lights are higher/brighter than most, even though their are dipped, if you flash them a few times I have found several will dim their lights further - apparently this is an easy option on some models of SUV.

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I too have this problem but i am told by my optician that it's as much To do with my age as anything. He says eyes can get more sensitive to bright lights the older you get.

So as my eyes  get more sensitive so the lights on cars get brighter, a no win situation. My newly acquired X type seems no worse than my old car and I do have a heated screen.

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