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X Type D Glow Plug warning

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Car battery went dead through having left the lights on at airport. Jump started fine, but after about 40 miles I hit an accident and was crawling for about half an hour over 8 miles distance. On clearing the accident I put my foot down and the glow-plug light came on (steady, not intermittent) with a simultaneous massive drop in power. Could just about get up to 60 MPH on a straight and then 70 on a downward slope. Finally managed to get it up to 80, but had a choice of 70 in 4th or 80 in 5th. 70 in 5th resulted in a lot of engine vibration. Went 40 odd miles in this condition to get home. Next morning everything was back to normal.

The engine did appear to be running warmer than usual, but I put that down to the crawling - but it maintained the heat all the way home (middle of the dial, rather than mostly on the left).


Any ideas?

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Hi Philip,

You've experienced engine Limp Home Mode which will often reset like a PC - switch off engine then switch back on. As it came on when you accelerated i would suggest you check out my post below. It would be worth using the fuel treatment anyway.


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