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InControl USB connectivity issue


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Hey guys, new here - took delivery of my first Jaguar last week (XF 2.0 [180] Portfolio Auto) and really enjoying it.

Just one issue that is really annoying - InControl Apps only seems to work about half the time.

When I plug in my iPhone, I often get:

"Connect a compatible device to the USB" ... on the display

I've updated my iPhone 7 to all the latest software. Nothing else is running except InControl Apps. I've tried restarting the phone, turning ignition off/on, unplugging the cable, messing about with the timing of when the USB is connected (before/after loading the app, etc.) I'm using an official Apple cable, and I'm getting the 'charge' icon every time so I know the connection is solid.

50% of the time it's fine, and will load Spotify, JustDrive, etc.

The other 50% of the time, I get the error above. When there's an error, it remains for the whole journey.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hi , I dont have a usb connection on my 2009 xf prem lux and connect the phone ( Samsung ) via bluetooth which is faultless and automatically updates the phones contact list in the cars central display .Not sure if iPhones give you that freedom though .

Cheers Alan

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Thanks Alan. I'm able to connect to bluetooth fine - I can run Spotify on my phone, for example, and pipe audio out to the car perfectly.

This is specifically an InControl Apps issue, I think, since that part requires (to my knowledge) a USB connection at all times.

I believe it came in on 2015 models onwards, but don't quote me on that. I'm driving a 2017 XF with the standard (smaller) InControls dash, so I'm not sure if it's different from the bigger Pro. Can't fathom whether it's a phone app issue, or something related to the car's software.


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Buna băieți și io am un Jaguar XF 2013 și nu pot asculta muzica de pe USB,îmi zice ca acest format nu este reproducible...ma poate ajuta cineva cu un sfat

Translated:   Hello, I own a Jaguar XF 2013 and when I connect a USB with MP3 music I selected I do not go and say that this format is not reproducible, can you help me please I want to listen to music from USB

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