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Transferring Jaguar Phone from one to another


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Hi all,

I have a nasty feeling that my X is shortly going to expire beyond an economical point - has done 330,000 miles though so I can't really complain...

I am going to replace with a like for like, but with much less miles obviously!

The question I have, at the moment I have the integrated Jaguar Cell phone (under the armrest) which is brilliant and would be a shame to lose it.

Can it be removed and transferred to another X Type or is it just an ag to try?  What's involved? I assume that the cradle in the lid of the armrest where the handset is. There's a wire going out of that down into the back of the armrest support so there must be something under that - I see 2x torx screws holding that lid on.  Is there a control module somewhere (I have seen possibly in the boot and possibly in the centre console somewhere but nothing definitive)?

What other bits to I need to take across? How much of the wiring will be in the other car that doesn't already have the car phone in it?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Tim Watts

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