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X300 Radio stuck on Tel Mute

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I have owned a 1995 Jaguar 3.2 Sport (X300) for some 16 years and its been a super vehicle.

The car is fitted with a phone and when a call comes in the radio goes on to mute, and when the call is terminated the radio switches back on.

Several days ago the radio went on to Tel Mute and so far will not come off. Phone continues to work perfectly.

I've tried a number of methods suggested, pressing a sequence of buttons on the radio as suggested by the Audio instruction book. Done 3 hard boots by disconnecting the battery for several hours at a time. Pulled out the radio and checked all the connections.

Does anyone have any idea how to get this radio back in action? With not being able to get it off the mute mode I can't get into settings, (as suggested by the instruction book), to switch off the mute facility.

I want to keep the car as original as possible and would prefer to try and sort it out in situ. I would prefer not to have to upgrade the radio and interfere with the phone cabling, also not being sure whether a new radio would connect to my CD player in the boot.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Hi Roy and Welcome to the Club,

Personally I've no idea but there are a few guys who I'm sure will be able to offer some good advice. Look out for a reply from Raistlin (Paul) he and his mate Denis  have considerable knowledge and experience in this area. If you do not hear from him by direct reply you can always intercept one of his other posts to get in touch.


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Thanks Steve, much appreciated



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Well I was beginning to think that I would never solve this problem until a kind gentleman contacted me and pointed me towards the Jaguar Phone Harness. He said that it was a common problem on the early Jags i.e. XJ6/J40. He told me it would  most likely be a shortage on the phone harness and gave me a lot of detailed info to enable me to try and trace it. In the end I decided to disconnect the phone system entirely and Hey Presto, the radio came back on without the Tel Mute showing. everything returned to normal. Ok, I no longer have the use of the integral phone but at least I can continue playing the radio, tapes and CD's. Wonderful. I will purchase a bluetooth that links to the radio signal so I can receive calls through my smart phone whilst driving, the same as I have in my XK8.

Anyone else that may encounter this problem on the older XJ's, check out your phone harness first.

Thanks to all those who responded with information.



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